What To Do If You Have Bad Tenants

Being a landlord is a great way to earn some extra monthly income. Unfortunately, this job does not come without risk. Occasionally, a bad tenant comes along and makes the life of a landlord very difficult. A bad tenant could be someone who fails to pay rent, disobeys the lease, is dirty, is loud, or puts others in danger. Before going the route of eviction, there are some other measures landlords can attempt to work with the tenant and solve the issues. Once your tenant finally leaves, you may be thinking, “sell my house fast!” Luckily, J.G. Enterprise GA LLC can help you get a cash offer for your property within days. Read on to learn more about what you should do if there are bad tenants at your rental property and you want to know how to “sell my house fast!”

Have a Meeting

The first step is to sit down and have a meeting with the tenants. Give them a chance to tell their side of the story. It may help you as a landlord to better understand their situation. For example, maybe they didn’t realize how loud their music was, and they’ll agree to turn it down. Maybe they just lost their job and need an extra week to pay rent.

Sometimes tenants are violating their lease without even realizing it. For example, some leases include sections that tell tenants they must care for the house in certain ways by doing things like cleaning the gutter. Sometimes lease stipulations like this can be easily overlooked when being signed. The meeting with the tenant might be a simple reminder and review of the lease. This way, they understand exactly what they should be doing. Whatever the issue is, it is important that you have a meeting to learn more about the situation.

Keep Written Records

It is essential to keep written records when it comes to landlord-tenant relationships. Write down any interactions you have with the tenants and save any emails that they send you. Also, make sure you have original copies of the signed lease. These can be used as evidence if going to court for eviction is necessary.

Come Up with an Action Plan

After meeting with the tenants, come up with an action plan and share it with them. This is especially helpful if the issue is failing to pay rent. First, try to figure out a solution for the tenant so that they can start paying rent again. You could suggest helping them find a roommate to split costs. It is also appropriate to negotiate with tenants who are struggling to pay rent. They can suggest delaying payment for a month and then getting gradually paid back.

If the issue is not related to rent, it is still important to come up with an action plan. If the tenant is playing loud music every night, tell the tenant that their music needs to be at a certain volume and turned off around 8:00 PM. Also, if the tenant is extremely dirty, bring in an exterminator that will be paid for by the tenant to get rid of pests.

Raise the Rent

An easy way to encourage bad tenants to leave is by raising the rent when they go to resign their lease. It is very normal for landlords to increase rent each year, so just increase it more than normal. Also, chances are the tenants will not be comfortable with the raise in rent and will find somewhere else to live.

Cash for Keys

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Cash for keys is an easy way to get tenants out. This simply means that the landlord will get a tenant to move out by offering them a certain amount of money. While it can be frustrating to have to pay this sum to the tenants, it can be more cost-effective than going through the whole eviction court process. In addition, it is vital that you use an official cash for keys form and that the tenants sign off on it so that there is written proof of the transaction. When coming up with the amount of cash to exchange for the keys, determine whether you want it to be a flat amount like $250, or something more specific like 1/3 of a month of rent.

Eviction – Then Sell My House Fast!

After trying everything else, eviction is the last option. Eviction laws differ in every state, so make sure you are up-to-date on how your state handles eviction issues. In addition, you must have a valid reason to evict the tenant. Simply not liking your tenant is not a good reason for eviction, but failing to pay rent or violating the lease is.

How Does It Work?

The first step is to give your tenant an eviction notice. This form will tell tenants that they need to be out by a certain day. The form also includes any fees that are owed at the time of move-out. After that, the eviction must be filed with the court. When it is time for the court date, be sure you are clear with your side of the story and bring any written supporting evidence with you that you can. Eventually, if the court decides that the tenant should be evicted, they will be given a timeframe to leave. If they don’t leave during this time, a police officer has the right to escort them out of the property and take out all of their belongings.

Eviction is a very costly process. Sometimes when the landlord wins, the judge will decide to have the tenant pay things like attorney fees and unpaid rent to the landlord.  

Now What? Sell My House Fast

After a tenant finally leaves, what is your next step as a landlord? Unfortunately, bad tenants often leave the property damaged. The best option may be to sell the property quickly and get the cash. At J.G. Enterprise GA LLC, we can help you do that. We buy houses in any condition, even if they are dirty and damaged. In addition, we make a cash offer in as little as 7 days. This is a great option for someone who no longer wants to keep their rental property.

Trying to evict a bad tenant can be expensive and overwhelming. As a landlord, it is important to try other things first before resorting to eviction and court. Once the tenant leaves, landlords often think “sell my house fast!” They want to get rid of the property and not have to deal with future tenants. For more information about dealing with tenants and how to sell your property fast once they leave, contact Enterprise GA LLC today and learn how to “sell my house fast!”

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